3 Secrets to making Big Money

1. Find the right merchandise.
What sells where you sell? In other words... What do your customers want? It makes it much easier to sell merchandise, when you carry what people are looking for. Since AmeriSurplus carries the same merchandise that all of your major retail stores carry, we know it is the right merchandise. What time of year is it? The products your customers want are usually dictated by the season. (two examples would be- heaters in the winter, fans in the summer) Which just happens to be some of the merchandise that AmeriSurplus has carried.

There are so many different areas of merchandise you can get in to- but remember it all comes down to one of two areas. Your customers are going to buy items that can be either classified as "wants"... or "needs."

"Wants" are things like a stereo, dish sets, or toys of some sort. These items sell all the time, and are generally "higher" priced items... but they don't always help bring back your customers on a regular basis. That's  where you need to look into catering to your customer's "needs."

"Needs" are things like groceries. People have to buy food, and they do it every week... why not sell it to them? We sell grocery truckloads- these loads have 26 pallets that are about 7' tall and we ship these loads direct from the distribution center in the Northeast.

2. At the right price.
Before AmeriSurplus makes a purchase, we ask ourselves, can our customers make money on this? Our focus is our wholesale customers. If you make money on what you buy from us, you will be back again to buy more. In other words, if you make money... we make money. We have many different kinds of customers, from auctioneers, to flea marketers, to pawn shops, to retail stores. Some will get better markups than others, but, on the average, we would like to see our customers to at least double their money.

3. From the right company.
Some companies will tell you one thing- then if you actually check them out, you might find another thing. Remember, this is your hard earned money you are seeking to invest. Go ahead and do a little investigating and checking out before trusting what someone tells you on the phone.

Finally, you are important to AmeriSurplus. Whether you buy one load a month, or you buy 10 a week, you are our customer and we will treat you with respect.
We realize that everyone has to start somewhere and that one load a month buyer could very well be our next 10 a week buyer.

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