(Frequently Asked Questions)


Can I get a catalog or manifest?
I can't tell you how many times we've heard this question. :-)
Picture everything a grocery store carries. Sooner or later what you just pictured comes through on the different loads
but the situation is, each truckload comes mixed and most are not manifested.

Do you have an e-mail list? How do I find out about your deals?
The best way is to just call and ask, but you're welcome to e-mail us at lowestpriceinc@bellsouth.net.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Bank Wires only.  

So what kind of merchandise do we carry?
We have mixed loads of grocery store salvage! Salvage merchandise is anything that has been exchanged, returned, or shelf-pulled for any reason.
Depending on the load- these loads will occasionally have some items that are missing accessories, items that are in need of repair, items in open packages or out of the original packaging,
items may be close dated or even out of date. Please remember our policy though- no matter what it is ALL MERCHANDISE IS SOLD "AS IS, WHERE IS."
 There are no warranties expressed or implied with the loads or individual items in the loads.

Can I come and see the loads before I buy them?
Unfortunately, the store's reclamation centers are not open for personal tours.

What are your hours?
We're open Monday - Friday 10am-4pm EST; however, I will answer the phone outside of those hours.

Do you guys ship?
Absolutely. If you're looking for a truckload quote, just call or e-mail us with the kind of load you're wanting and your zip code.
Please remember to provide us with the following info:
Your Name:
Phone Number:
Zip Code:
Kind of loads you're wanting a quote on:

Is this your warehouse address?
Do you have a dock and pallet jack (or forklift)?

How much money can I make on a truckload?
Most of our customers look to make approximately 60% on the grocery loads. I've heard about them making a lot more, but what it comes down
 to is that you do have to work this business. This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you don't plan on working, this is not the business for you. When buying this
kind of merchandise, you have to clean it, price it and prepare for selling it... then you have to find the right place to sell it to maximize your return.
Most of our customers do a combination of two or more of the following businesses:

1. Retail Stores
2. Flea Markets
3. Local Auctions

Obviously some items will sell better and bring more money back than others. It's up to you to find the best avenue to resell your merchandise.

Your price for salvage groceries is pretty good- can I buy in smaller amounts?
In buying the salvage groceries- we're shipping them direct from the reclamation center. Since we're dealing direct, we have a great price on groceries, but the drawback
is that the smallest amount they will ship is a full truck (1248 boxes). To get around that, some of our grocery customers have gotten together with their friends
and ordered a truckload and had it split between several delivery locations. That is possible to do, but the shipping is a little more expensive.
You can call us at 803-215-8823 for a delivery quote. Please have the zip codes of the delivery spots available when you call. Also when buying groceries-
you'll need to fax us a copy of your state, local or county salvage license- this can usually be obtained through your State's Agricultural Department.

Can I get a discount for buying more than one truckload?
Once in a while there will be certain loads that we are closing out that we'll give a better price on for quantity purchases, but we'll tell you about those when you call.

Can I get a truckload on consignment?
Some people have actually asked us this question. The answer is an obvious NO. All merchandise is to be paid for before the shipping gets scheduled.

I'm concerned about sending someone this amount of money that I've never ordered from before- do you have any references?
For any customer placing an order with us- we'll gladly send over the contact information of the bank and branch manager that we have been dealing with for years- just ask.

What is your return policy?
ALL MERCHANDISE IS SOLD "AS IS, WHERE IS." There are no exchanges or refunds for any reason whatsoever.
There are no warranties expressed or implied with any of the loads or items within the loads that we sell.

240 University Parkway
Aiken, SC 29801
Phone (803) 215-8823
Fax (803) 643-0801