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This page lists what truckloads we have available.

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Salvage Grocery Truckload!

53' Truckload - 1,248 boxes (26 pallets @ 48 boxes each)

The load consists of:
Cleaning Products
Paper Items
Pet Food

1 load available per week 

Truckloads only

FOB Northeast

Loads with water only $12.50 a box!
(1,248 boxes = $15,600 a load)

Loads without water only $13.50 a box!
(1,248 boxes = $16,848 a load)

Other pallets of items are available to substitute for the Food Pallets in your the grocery truckload mix...
(generally there are only 1-2 pallets of each of these available per grocery load-
these are only available when ordering a regular grocery load and are more expensive per box)
If you are looking for a great mix call us today!

Some examples are:

Candy - $1056 ($22 a box)
HBA - $2016 ($42 a box)

Loads are pre-sold and are currently 3 weeks in advance.

Finally- when buying groceries- you'll need to fax us (803-643-0801) a copy of your
state, local or county salvage license- this can usually be obtained through your State's Agricultural Department
and a copy of your state sales tax license or 501C3.

If you are looking to buy by the truckload, call Rob @ 803-215-8823.


For other truckloads - Call 803-643-0606

or e-mail info@amerisurplus.com


If you have any questions, feel free to call 1-803-643-0606 or email lowestpriceinc@bellsouth.net.

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